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We operate in New South Wales, Australia: in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, and Port Stephens.

Email is preferred for initial contact, unless urgent.

DRN Contacts
Issue Email Phone Number
You see a cat or dog on our website that you would like to adopt   Contact the foster carer on the phone number provided at the bottom of each animal's description
You're interested in becoming a DOG foster carer Please include your phone number.  
You're already a DOG foster carer and have a question or post on our private Facebook Group for Foster Carer's .  
You want to volunteer in ways other than fostering Join our Facebook group for volunteers. If you're not on Facebook send and email to and include your phone number and suburb. Find out ways you can help us save lives.  
You want to surrender your DOG Sue 0415-367-144 between 9am and 5pm.
You have a question about a DOG in a pound  
You have a genuine emergency about a DOG   Sue 0415-367-144
All other DOG inquiries  
You want to become a CAT foster carer  
All other CAT inquiries Mel on 0405-595-075

Joey has been rehomedPlease be patient if you don't receive an immediate reply. We are all volunteers, so it can sometimes take us a day or two to respond.

If leaving a phone number, please try to give a "land line" number rather than a mobile phone number if possible (it minimises our phone bills). Thank you very much.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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