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Ruby and her puppiesThere are so many ways you can help us save cats and dogs. You don't need a lot of time or money. Please read this page for many ideas. Download a one page list of ways you can help to print and think about or share with friends. Please contact us for more information.

Foster, Volunteer, Donate Goods, Donate Money,
Shop for Our Cause, Spread the Word, Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Become a Foster Carer

Our work is entirely dependant upon dog and cat foster carers. Every foster carer enables us to save more pets from death at pounds. Being a foster carer is a great way to have a pet without the expense and long term commitment of owning one. You can take time off from fostering when you want to travel or have a break.

All you need to provide is a fully fenced yard, shelter, food, and love for a dog or cat in need. Rescue pays for all veterinary expenses and medical supplies such as flea and worm treatment. You can choose the type of dog or cat (breed, size, age, etc) you foster. If you have your own pets they need to be up to date with their vaccinations. To begin fostering, first we will come and check that your property is secure, then we'll ask you to sign our Foster Carers Agreement, and do a brief induction over the phone. Please contact us to get started.

Dog Foster Carers Save LivesPlease don't say "Oh, I couldn't give the dog away!" Yes, you can. Just remember that your foster dog or cat will go a great home that you helped choose and then you can save another dog or cat from death row. If you really can't bear to say goodbye you can always pay the adoption fee and adopt your foster pet.

If you are considering being a Carer, please take the first step and read our Information for Foster Carers document (PDF) then contact us.

Please read more about fostering; what it is and why it is needed.

Can't foster? You can still help us by downloading and printing a Foster Carers Needed poster (PDF) and displaying it for us wherever you can.


PodgyWe are a small and friendly group and always welcome anyone who wants to help in any capacity. There are so many different things you can do. Please contact us if you are interested. Here are just a few ideas:

If you drive and have a vehicle, we are always in need of people to transport dogs to vet appointments, pick up from the pound, deliver supplies to foster carers, etc. We'll supply a pet carrier.

We need volunteer handymen/women that we can call on from time to time to do minor fence and gate repairs for foster carers. We'll supply or pay for all materials.

If you like pottering in your shed and making things, you could build dog kennels and donate them to us.

We need someone with a digital camera and a computer to take photos of foster dogs available for adoption.

If you can sew, knit or crochet you could make dog coats or blankets.

We regularly have fundraising BBQs and always need plenty of volunteers. If you are interested in helping at a BBQ please contact us and we'll contact you when our next event if planned.

Donate Goods

We are always in need of all sorts of necessities such as dog and cat food, flea and worm treatments, kennels, beds, leads, collars, harnesses, toys, etc. If you see any of these items on sale, please consider purchasing some to donate to us. If we can receive these items as donations then we don't have to use our limited funds to buy them and we can reserve our money to pay our vets.

Clam shell pools make great outdoor dog beds and refreshing baths for dogs on a hot day. Children's foam, fold out chairs/beds make good dog beds. Baby gates and playpens come in handy. You sometimes see these put out for disposal on council rubbish pick-up days, or Op-Shops. Pick them up for us if you can.

Anything which can be used for bedding: old blankets, sheets, towels, etc.

Knitting wool and fabric which our volunteers can turn into dog coats and blankets.

Drop Off PointsTiny

We have dog and cat supplies donation bins in these locations:
* Kotara - Westfield - Woolworths
* Newcastle West - Marketown - Woolworths
* Mayfield - MDRE Real Estate, 151a Maitland Rd
* The Junction - Coles
* Mount Hutton - Lake Macquarie Fair - Woolworths
* Warners Bay - Petstock
* Belmont - Belmont Citi Centre Coles
* Swansea - Woolworths
* Edgeworth - Coles
* Toronto - Coles
* Beresfield - Woolworths (Food for Less)
* Raymond Terrace - Centro Plaza - Woolworths
* Salamander Bay - Coles
* Maitland - Greenhills Shopping Centre - Mr Minit, near Coles
* Cessnock - Coles
* Singleton - Coles
* San Remo, Central Coast - Northlakes Shopping Ctr - Coles
* Chittaway Bay, Central Coast - Coles
* Kempsey - Woolworths

We gratefully accept all dog and cat supplies such as tinned or dry dog, puppy, cat or kitten food, all wormers, flea treatments, toys, puppy milk, etc. Also, new or used collars (no choker chains), leads, harnesses, and dog coats.

If your item won't fit in the bin, or is too valuable, or you don't have a donation bin near you, please send us a Facebook message or an email telling us where you are and we'll reply with a nearer drop off point. If you can't deliver to us, we may be able to arrange pick up from you.

Donate Money

Our vet bills are thousands of dollars each month for desexing, vaccination, medications and other necessary care for our dogs. We have a great need for monetary donations.Any amount you can afford, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. Donations are tax deductible! There are several ways to donate:

(1) Mail a cheque written to "Dog Rescue Newcastle" to P. O. Box 7061, Redhead NSW 2290.

(2) Use PayPal to donate securely online using your credit card or bank account. You don't need to have a PayPal account. Just click on the Donate button below:

(3) Make a deposit to our Newcastle Permanent bank account at any branch or use internet banking to to do an online funds transfer to: BSB: 650 000       Account: 986245302

(4) Make a regular, monthly donation to our bank account (account number above). Most online banking sites allow you to easily setup a repeating transaction to send the same amount to our bank account as often as you like, such as monthly. If you don’t do online banking ask at your bank and they will be able to setup a recurring transaction for you.

(5) Payroll Deduction. Ask your employer to transfer a few dollars from each of your pays to our bank account (see option 3 above for our bank account). Download our brochure for details.

(6) Leave us a bequest in your will. Download our Bequests Brochure for details or ask your solicitor to contact us.

Our Charitable Fundraising Number (CFN) is 21652.

Shop for Our Cause

Online Store

Every purchase you make in our online store is also a donation! We have a wide variety of items, all with our DRN logo: shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, bags, bumper stickers, dog t-shirts and hoodies, notepad, badges, and more! Items for adults, children, and dogs: Dog Rescue Newcastle online store.

DRN online store

Ritchies IGA Community Benefit Card Program IGA Community Benefits Card

Dog Rescue Newcastle is participating in Ritchies IGA Community Benefit Card Program. So every time you shop at IGA and present your card, IGA will make a donation to DRN. To help us out:

  • Ask for a free Ritchies Community Benefit Card or keyring at your IGA supermarket or liquor store.
  • Write "Dog Rescue Newcastle" to be the recipient of your benefits.
  • Every time you present your card at Ritchies IGA, they will donate a percentage of what you spend to DRN and it won't cost you anything.

More info about the program and store locations.

DRN WineDRN Wine Label

DRN have teamed up with Goodwill Wines to offer 14 different varieties of DRN labelled wine with profits helping us to pay our vet bills. For as little as $13.00 a bottle or $156 for a case, it is extremely reasonable. So why not purchase some of these fine wines and feel good about helping us save lives. Click here to order.


Get 10% Discount on Pet Insurance and help DRNinsure your pet

Worried about vet bills? Have you been considering pet insurance? You can get a 10% discount off Petsecure pet insurance and support Dog Rescue Newcastle when you quote promo code RESC14 when your insure your pet.

Visit for more information. Ring 1300 855 160 for more info, get a quote, or sign up. If you order by phone you get a FREE custom engraved designer pet tag. So call 1300 855 160 to get your pet covered. Remember to quote promo code RESC14 to get your 10% discount.

Help Us Spread the Word

ZeusWe can't afford paid advertising so we depend on word of mouth to spread the word about Dog Rescue Newcastle. Please download and print the following documents and distribute or display them in your workplace, local shops, library, school, church, streets, anywhere you can.

Foster Carers Needed (A4 poster)
Foster Carers Needed (one page A5 flyer)
Adopt A Rescued Dog or Cat (A4 poster)
Adopt A Rescued Dog or Cat (one page A5 flyer)
Dog Rescue Newcastle Information brochure (2 sided A4)
Dog Rescue Newcastle Information brochure-print (2 sided A4)
Make a Bequest to DRN in Your Will brochure (2 sided A4)
Make a Bequest to DRN in Your Will brochure-print (2 sided A4)
Donate by Payroll Deduction Brochure (2 sided A4)
Donate by Payroll Deduction Brochure-print (2 sided A4)
How You Can Help (one page A4 flyer)
Say No to Pets in Pet Shops (one page A5 flyer)

All of our publications are in PDF format. To open them, you can download the free Adobe Reader.

We also have a printed brochure about the importance of desexing. Contact us for copies.

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Please do not become a "backyard breeder". If you think your dear little pups will never end up in the pound on death row, believe me, some will. Your dog or cat is supposed to be your companion and friend, not a cash cow for monetary gain.

Please, please, do not allow your pets to breed! Desex your dog and cat before they are 6 months old. Don't wait any later. It is healthiest and safest for them and there is NO good reason not to do so. It is the most crucial way you can prevent pets ending up in pounds. When so many dogs and cats are dying every day, please do not add to the carnage. Read about the benefits of desexing and the myths. We also have a very informative brochure about the importance of getting your pet desexed. Please contact us and we'll be happy to send you copies for yourself and anyone you know. If you are a pensioner or are unemployed in the Newcastle region, Hunter Animal Watch can help with the cost of desexing.

Kodie and brother Alex were adopted from DRNMake sure your pet doesn't wind up unclaimed at the pound by ensuring he or she is microchipped, lifetime registered, and registered at your local council. Be sure to keep these details up to date by contacting your council if you move or change your phone number.

Most dogs get out of their yard at some time in their lives. The most important thing is that he or she is wearing a collar with an ID tag. Leave it on 24 x 7. The tag should have your address and MOBILE phone number on it. This way, if a neighbour finds your dog they won't have to contact council — saving you a lot of time and money in getting your pet back.

Don't encourage cruelty and over breeding: never buy anything from pet shops which sell puppies and kittens. Read our Say No to Pets in Pet Shops one page A5 flyer (PDF format) for details. Read about pet shops and puppy mills in Where Do Puppies Come From. Save a life instead: get your pets from rescue organisations or council pounds.

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