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Rescue dogs and cats make the best companions! If you're not sure if a rescue dog or cat is for you, please read about the love and joy these lucky pets have brought to the kind families who have welcomed them into their lives. See hundreds more photos of our success stories.

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Toski,   Starr,   Lewis,   Toby,   Aree,   Gypsie,   Claudia,   Ralph,   Titan


ToskiOn February 21, 2011, we had to say goodbye to our eldest girl – our beautiful black kelpie Indy. Life went very still and very quiet. Our Shepherd Ziggy, who had been Indy’s greatest fan was lost. For five days he wouldn’t leave my side. On one afternoon, I got home from work and found he’d busted through the cat flap just so he could be near our cat Ollie.

Because of Ziggy we decided we needed to find him a companion – a distraction. I think we also knew that we too needed a distraction. Another dog could never replace Indy but might find its own place in our lives and hearts. So I looked at Dog Rescue Newcastle’s website. Toski’s picture jumped right out at me. She doesn’t look like Indy so it wasn’t that - though she is gorgeous too. Perhaps it was her unusual name I don’t know. Whatever it was, I decided to ring about her and make a time to go and meet her. Toski and ZiggyWe went once and met her carer Kalah, who let us play with her for almost half an hour. We went a second time and took Ziggy with us. Toski and Ziggy played together well and he looked as though he had a bit of life about him again.

So we adopted her and when she arrived at our house it was like she had always been a part of the family. She has slotted right in and Ziggy has another lease of life. Ollie the cat is teaching Toski cat rules, but Toski doesn’t seem to want to listen!

Toski and ZiggyThe whole process has been great. Kalah (foster carer) has been great. Toski arrived with us fit, healthy and already trained to sit, drop, sit for dinner. She’s also house trained. All the official business such as registration, vaccinations, desexing have been carried out. Dog Rescue Newcastle are an amazing bunch of people who do an amazing job.

And we have a new family dynamic. Ziggy is teaching Toski as Indy taught him, and Toski is giving Ziggy the company and companionship he needs. As for us, Toski is definitely carving out her own special place in her heart. And Indy is overlooking all of this with a big lick of approval.

Thank you so much Dog Rescue Newcastle. Liz , Chris, Riley, Ziggy, Toski and Ollie


StarrWe adopted Susie (Kelpie X Cattle Dog) on 9th Jan 2011 and wanted to let you know her progress. We changed her name to Starr and she has been an absolute pleasure. She's slowly getting the toilet training (she knows what to do but gets lazy) and loves sleeping inside. She's great at playing fetch and has even had a few swims in the pool.

She's starting obedience training in a few weeks but already knows sit, stay, come, drop & fetch (and returns the ball most times too). She's very smart and hopefully we'll do agility with her. She's very much a part of the family and we take her everywhere with us. We are totally in love with her (and she is very spoilt). She's been the best dog for our family but we can't wait till she stops teething. We can't imagine life without her now. Thanks so much for our little Starr. Michelle & Family

Starr Starr Starr


LewisThis is Lewis. We adopted him from Dog Rescue Newcastle 12 months ago. He is a beautiful boy but can be very naughty. He has done lots of training with Barkers In Balance and passed with flying colours.

He is very patient with the kids, and usually sleeps in bed with one of them. He usually starts off in our bed but goes into theirs after 5 mins - there is more space in their beds LOL. He also loves to snuggle up on the lounge on a lap :D He is a bit of a sook sometimes.

Thank you for making it possible for him to have a second chance. He is one spoilt boy and we love him lots as does his doggy sisters. I couldn't imagine life without him, even if he is a bit of a bugger :D



Toby is one of those cases which reminds us all why we are involved in pet rescue. His foster carer wrote his story.

When Toby the blue heeler first came into care, he was in terrible shape and had been saved literally minutes from euthanasia. He had been left with a long term skin infestation which had turned large patches of his skin to leather, with that distinctive infected smell. But looking beyond all this, you could sense that he was something special: loyal, affectionate, and incredibly smart.

TobyThanks to a collaboration between Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Dog Rescue Newcastle and generous donors who paid for some of his initial care, Toby was placed into foster care and given appropriate veterinary treatment. In time, Toby's infection (and smell) went away, the leather softened to skin, and while not all of his hair will return he is now a strikingly attractive cattle dog.

When he was well enough to go to his forever home, he was placed on the PetRescue and Dog Rescue Newcastle websites, and found a loving home in the Newcastle area with another small dog for companionship. His new family say that he is the world's most perfect dog.

Here's a photo of Toby with his new owner at the beach.
Regards, Geoff & Annette


AreeWe have adopted Aree and he is the most adorable little dog you could imagine. He is exactly how he was described on the website and fits into our lifestyle perfectly. He is a gem and the light of our lives; he is just perfect.

We will never understand how such a lovely dog ended up on death row.

Thanks to Newcastle Dog Rescue for saving him. You do a wonderful job for these lovely animals.



One week down and I think Gypsie is settling in very well. At first I was really worried as she seemed to be afraid of absolutely everything but as the week has gone on she is much happier and now has her tail wagging all the time.

I am just so used to Labs and the way they are very food orientated whereas Gypsie is so different. She has been off the lead on walks and has stayed with us and hasn't run away when out of our enclosed yard either. She has even made friends with the cats. Hope you arn't missing her too much. We are so glad to have her. This photo was taken yesterday when we were at a local spot.
Sue,  Pete, Toro and Aaron

Gypsie in river Gypsie with children and cat


Claudia and her puppy siblings were found dumped in a box in early 2010 at Port Stephens and left to die. DRN saved them. Claudia was adopted in April 2010 and her family have sent us this report.

Just wanted to give you guys an update, I'm sure it’s a little worry that you hope the dogs you’ve rescued go to good homes, and I can tell you – Claudia definitely has found her forever home! I’ve attached photos so you can see how she’s looking these days, and I must say, she has become a HUGE part of our little family! We take her everywhere we can, she’s been on holidays with us a few times now, has play dates and comes along with us to friends and families homes when we go for a visit… and even when we cant take her along –we have friends that babysit!

She’s just over a year old now, and is just the most beautiful little girl. She has wonderful manners, gets along VERY well with other dogs (she actually has A LOT of little doggy friends), loves being around people, is house trained and never chews or rips up anything that she’s not allowed to. I just wanted to thank you ladies for giving us our perfect little companion. She has definitely made our house a home and everybody that meets her just loves her.

Thanks again ladies and keep up your amazing work!
Lots of love,
Emma, Tim & Claudia"

Claudia Claudia



I spoke to you yesterday about our lovely little Ralph (formerlyknown as Robbie). Our 14 day trial is over and we're so happy that he'll now be ours. Our 15 year old dog, Maggie has adjusted really well and Ralph is giving her a boost of energy!

Thank you again for all your hard work- saving lovely dogs like Ralphand giving them a second chance. You and your foster carers areamazing and kind people.
Thank you again for Ralph.



In November 2010 Paula and Rod sent this report:

TitanWe are the proud owners of a recently adopted dog, "Titan". In his first few weeks he was a bit out of control but has now happily settled into family life with our 3 children, Olyvia 10, Ky 8 and Taz 6. They adore him and vise versa! He is still very puppy like, even at 45Kg, and his heart is just as big. It was easy to tell he just needed someone to love him.

We would like to thank Tobi for fostering Titan before we came along to adopt him. She obviously did a great job in the weeks that she cared for him. He has put on weight and is healthy and happy now. We will soon move to our new home on the water, so Titan will have a fantastic life full of running on the sand, chasing birds as he loves, and swimming in the ocean. Thanks to all you people for helping save Titan, he is now loved very much!
Regards, Paula & Rod

In March 2011 they sent us this update:

I contacted you late last year with details on how our adoption of "Titan", now 2 y.o was going. Now, 5 months down the track, he has settled in beautifully. He is just a crazy dog, 'not the sharpest tool in the shed'. However, he makes up for it with all the fun and love he has brought to this family.

Titan titanOur youngest son, Taz has Autism. He and Titan are just best buddies, and Titan has done wonders for Taz's temperament and behaviour. Titan puts up with a lot of cuddles, as everyone wants his attention. Along with our 11 y.o daughter Olyvia, and 9 y.o son Ky, they all have so much fun with him and visa versa.

We take Titan everywhere with us. He just loves swimming the most, and has kicked out the kids, to take up the best position right at the front of our boat whenever we take it out. As you can see in the pictures.

We knew taking on a Big Rottweiller, with a past such as his, would be a certain risk, especially with having 3 young children. We had to make sure he was gentle, obedient and loving toward them, which he has now passed with flying colours. He is now a healthy, bold, strong, huge boy, with the most gorgeous head and loving eyes. I hope he stops growing soon! He is wonderful with other dogs and people.

TitanTitanI would like to especially thank Tobi, his foster carer, from Dog Rescue Newcastle, who looked after him so wonderfully until she found him a home. What a beautiful person she is, to take on that responsibility.

We have never adopted a dog before due to the fear of how their temperament might be, with not raising it from a puppy. However, this has been a great experience for our family, and we would reccommend it to anyone and would definitely rescue another in the future. Thanks to all you wonderful people who care. Hope you enjoy the pics. XXX

Kind Regards
Paula & Rod and Family.

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