Who We are

Our priority is to save dogs

Who We Are

We are a group of people, just like you, who love animals. We have decided to do something about the disgraceful number of dogs and cats who are euthanased daily right here in our local pounds. We are based in Newcastle but we rescue dogs from all over eastern NSW including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Taree and Mudgee.

We don’t have a kennel facility. All of our pets are in loving foster homes while they are waiting to be adopted. Once we accept a dog into foster care we keep the dog for as long as it takes to find him or her a home. This can take weeks or many, many months.

To keep informed about our activities, please like our Facebook page and go to our News page to sign up for our Newsletter and .

Our ABN is 92 544 122 852, our CFN (Charitable Fundraising Number) is 21652. We have Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status, which means donations $2 or more are tax deductible.

Every year there are 250,000 companion animals killed in Australia, including 60,000 in New South Wales alone. These numbers are increasing. Visit Death Row Pets for details. Most of these are healthy, re-homeable animals, with their only crime being born into an uncaring society.