Foster A Dog or Cat

Foster a Dog or Cat

We don’t have a kennel. Our work is entirely dependant upon dog and cat foster carers. Every foster carer enables us to save more dogs from death at pounds. Being a foster carer is a great way to have a dog or cat without the expense and long term commitment of owning one. You can take time off from fostering when you want to travel or have a break.

Please contact Cat Rescue Newcastle for information about fostering cats or kittens.

What’s Involved

All you need to provide is a fully fenced yard with some shade, and time to care for a dog in need. DRN pays for all normal veterinary expenses and medicines, and we provide dog food, flea and worm treatment, bedding, a kennel if needed, and other necessities. So fostering will only cost you time.

You can choose the type of dog or cat (breed, size, age, etc) you foster. If you have your own dogs, they need to be friendly, up to date with their vaccinations and desexed.

Read more about fostering in this article Why Foster a Pet.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer for us please click the link below.



To begin fostering, first we will come and check that your property is secure, then we’ll ask you to sign our Foster Carers Agreement (PDF file), and do a brief induction (PDF file) over the phone. Please send us an email for more information or to get started.

Please don’t say “Oh, I couldn’t give the dog away!” Yes, you can. Just remember that your foster dog or cat will go a great home that you helped choose and then you can save another dog or cat from death row. If you really can’t bear to say goodbye then you can pay the adoption fee and adopt your foster pet.