Deposits, Refunds, and Trial Period


Paying a deposit on a dog is optional. If you have been approved to adopt a dog but are unable to take your dog home immediately, then you can either risk the dog getting adopted by someone else, or pay a non-refundable deposit.

The amount of the deposit must be at least half of the Adoption Fee. (ie: if the Adoption Fee is $400 then the deposit is $200).

We cannot hold a dog for longer than 2 weeks unless agreement is obtained from the president of DRN. The length of the hold should preferably be in writing (an email is fine) between you and DRN.

Refunds of Deposits

If you don’t pick your dog within the agreed hold period, or if you adopt the dog and then return it, (even if within the trial period), the deposit is not refunded.

If during the hold period, DRN decides not to proceded with the adoption for any reason then DRN will refund the deposit in full. Refunds are made by funds transfer or cheque.

Two Week Trial

All our dogs start out their adoption on a two week trial. The dog must be paid for in full and all the adoption paperwork completed before the dog can be taken home. The trial period begins on the day that the dog is taken home. The standard trial period is 2 weeks. This can only be extended with permission in writing from the president of DRN.


After the trial period ends, if we don’t hear from you then we assume that you are keeping the dog. We then file the change of ownership paperwork with council. Council can take 2 to 4 weeks to enter the paperwork. After which, you will a confirmation letter in the mail from council. Check that all your contact details are correct and remember to contact council if you change your phone number or address. If you don’t receive confirmation from council within 6 weeks after adoption please contact DRN.

Dog Returns and Refunds of Adoption Fees

If you decide before the end of the trial period that you don’t want to keep the dog you must return it to the original foster carer or another representative chosen by DRN, before the end of the trial period. Transport is at your expense. DRN is not responsible for picking up the animal.

In addition, if DRN learns that the animal is not being well treated or any other reason, we can take the dog back. Please read all the details in our Adoption Agreement.

If a puppy that was less than 4 months old when adopted is returned within the trial period, then the Adoption Fee is refunded less the deposit, or half of the Adoption Fee, whichever is greater. So you forfeit half of the Adoption Fee whether or not you paid a deposit on a young puppy.

If a dog or puppy that was 4 months or older when adopted is returned within the trial period, then the Adoption Fee is refunded less $100, or any deposit paid, whichever is greater. So if you paid a deposit, you forfeit the deposit. If you didn’t pay a deposit then you only forfeit $100.

This will reimburse us for all the time and trouble of doing the interview, yard check, paperwork, having the dog unavailable during the trial period, finding a new foster carer, and a new adoption for the dog. We also hope it will ensure that people are truly committed to a dog before adopting.

If a dog or puppy is returned after the trial period no refund is given, but we will always take the dog back. Our Adoption Agreement requires you contact us before rehoming the dog.