Rescue dog blog 1

Rescue dog blog 1

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Therapy dogs can perform a number of jobs – some visit the sick in hospitals or the elderly in homes. Others sit quietly while being read to by children. But they all have something in common – they brighten the day of everyone they meet!

We know any dog can put a smile on a human face, but therapy work requires more of a dog than to just be a dog. Therapy dogs must be able to be calm, affectionate, and well-trained. Dogs of any breed can be considered, but these 10 breeds are some of the best suited for therapy work.

 1. Golden Retriever

Is there anything Goldens can’t do? These dogs are a favorite for families because they’re excellent with children and extra friendly even with strangers, which makes them perfect therapy dogs! These two Golden Retriever therapy dogs at a children’s hospital are so loved by their little patients, they tied the knot with all of them in attendance!

 2. Labrador Retriever


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