Sponsor A Dog

Why do dogs need sponsorship?

Senior Dogs


Most of the dogs we rescue are normal, healthy dogs. But we also regularly rescue dogs that need special care before they are ready for adoption. Often these dogs have been neglected or abused all their lives, such as the dogs we rescued from the Hoarder of Hounds.

These special dogs have physical ailments such as mange, hip dysplasia, heart conditions, hypothyroid, parvovirus, or badly infected ears, skin or teeth. Some have behavioral issues such as being afraid of people or other dogs.

These are the dogs that sit in pounds for a very long time because no one wants them. They are also dogs that owners can’t handle or can’t afford to pay for veterinary treatment. This is where Dog Rescue Newcastle steps in. If we have an available foster carer, we take the dogs no one else wants and we give them a second chance at a good life.

Special Needs Dogs


We bring them into a loving foster home and give them all the veterinary care that they need, including specialist surgery and medicines. Our volunteer dog trainers assist foster carers to work through any behavioral issues. It usually takes many months for a special dog to become healthy enough to be ready for adoption; then they wait many more months waiting for a home.

Your sponsorship can not only help with essential veterinary care but can also provide some extras for a dog’s comfort such as a warm sweater or a heated mat in winter; a cooling mat or paddle pool in summer; medicated shampoo, a calming collar, special toys, chewy treats, and prescription food.

We think every dog deserves a chance. You can help us help them by sponsoring a special needs dog. Dogs can have more than one sponsor. All donations to DRN of $2 or more tax deductible.

Sponsor Alfie

Sponsor Alfie

Alfie – 10 year old cavalier.

Alfi has the most wonderful temperament and loves nothing more than to cuddle with his humans.

Around February of 2019 Alfi developed heart trouble, tests revealed he now requires both heart and liver medication on a daily basis for the remainder of his life.

Alfie will remain in palliative care with DRN, he will not be available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: The Pet Grooming Shed

Platinum sponsor: Lemon Tree Cafe

Platinum sponsor: Mid Western Plumbing and Hot Water Service

Sponsor Bean

Sponsor Bean

Bean – 5yo Staffy.

Bean had ongoing back issues which included a slipped disc.

He underwent a lumbar laminectomy to correct these issues.

He requires a calm quiet life with flat ground & close monitoring.

Bean is now available for adoption.

Gold sponsor: Stephanie Lange.

Gold sponsor: Haylee Sinaguglia

Sponsor Bee Bee

Sponsor Bee Bee

BeeBee – 5 yo Cattle dog.

BeeBee and 2 siblings lived in small cages for the first 4 years of their lives.

Due to an inappropriate diet, they have ongoing feeding issues.

Sadly, BeeBee had a particularly difficult experience with a pregnancy, which resulted in complications leading to amputation of her tail.

BeeBee is extremely timid and petrified of people due to her past experiences with humans.

She requires patience, reassurance, and trust.  A carer is working with a DRN trainer.

We hope BeeBee will be available for adoption to the right person eventually, this will require time.

Platinum sponsor: Katherine Clinnick

Gold sponsor: Carol Patrick & Michael Dries

Sponsor Benson

Sponsor Benson

Benson – 10 1/2 year old greyhound

Benson completed 36 races before retiring. A veterinary health check revealed Benson was underweight and required dental work. He was left with three teeth and a hole in his gum was found which required stitches.

Benson was very timid and scared on arrival, now he cries when left alone. His carer and DRN trainers are working with Benson to give him self-confidence.

With the help of two dogs he shares his foster home with, he is learning to play with toys and go on walks.

Benson is a beautiful little man that requires a loving forever home with patient, devoted, mature aged person(s). Oh and no small pocket pets.

Your sponsorship will help us to pay for his expensive good quality food and veterinary treatment.

Platinum sponsor: Whan Family

Gold sponsor: Alice Carr

Gold sponsor: Christine Creamer

Sponsor Bessie

Sponsor Bessie

Bessie – 10yo small mixed breed.

Bessie has had a tumor removed, she also has an active dermal haemangioma sarcoma.

Further testing is required for this little girl, some sunspots have been found on her body.

Due to her ongoing health concerns and medications, Bessie will remain in palliative care with DRN.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold sponsor: Christine Creamer

Sponsor Cleo

Sponsor Cleo

Cleo – 9yo Labradoodle

Cleo is a lovely girl with a sweet nature. She is settling in well but is a bit confused by the changes taking place in her life.

Cleo is blind, this alone is difficult to deal with on a day to day basis, throw in a change of environment with a different sized back yard, a new home layout and furniture to navigate around, new smells and house rules, new voices and you have many challenges to overcome.  I am sure she will eventually settle into her new way of life, I just hope she doesn’t hit her head too often as she bumps into everything until she finds her way.

Cleo also has many medical conditions requiring regular monitoring, daily medications and a specialised diet.  

Some of her conditions are: Diabetes mellitus, Chronic Pancreatitis and Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).  This means Cleo now requires a special prescription low fat diet to reduce the ongoing inflammation on the pancreas.

What does this girl require at the moment?

Hills Prescription Digestive Care Low Fat dry food

Insulin $200+ a month


Regular vet visits every 6 weeks

Diabetes test strips – Daily

Creon tablets

Without your sponsorship we would not be able to give Cleo the care she requires, so thank you for making a difference.

Platinum Sponsor – In memory of Annie & Frazzle

Silver Sponsor – Melissa Lee

Sponsor Evie G

Sponsor Evie G

Evie G -5 yo Cattle dog.

Evie and her 2 siblings lived in small cages for the first 4 years of their lives.

Due to an inappropriate diet, they have ongoing feeding issues caused by confinement.

Evie requires patience, reassurance and trust.

Evie may be available for adoption to the right person eventually.

Platinum sponsor: Dianne Hawthorne

Sponsor Floyd

Sponsor Floyd

Floyd – 1 yo Bull Arab X with possible greyhound.

Floyd found himself as an unclaimed stray at the pound in a state of total shut down.

This boy was so frightened of everything that he hid behind his bed, shaking and unable to control his bodily functions.  Who knows what he has been through.

Initial vet work included de-sexing and dew claw removal, a second operation on one dew claw was required when it failed to heal.  There is further Investigation into a pronounced limp on his right front leg.

Floyd requires monthly adaptil collars to assist his fearfulness.

His foster brother is helping to guide Floyd and give him confidence. Each day he is getting braver, but still has a long way to go.

Adoption in the future may be possible for the right person/family.

Silver Sponsor: Caitlin Hayter

Sponsor Franki

Sponsor Franki

Franki – 5yo Pomeranian X.

Franki has trust, attitude and behavioural issues – fear aggression.

He is responding to his foster carer and trainers, it will be a long road requiring patience, love and time.

Franki is available for adoption, however, he requires a special loving home with lots of patience and understanding.

Silver Sponsor: Katrina Swane

Sponsor Girlie

Sponsor Girlie

Girlie – 13 yo Border Collie X.

Girlie has tumors covering her body which are benign, there is potential for malignancy in the future.

The vet is working with Girlies Carer to ensure the quality of life.

She is a happy little girl with a waggy tail and a smile and loves to make friends.

She needs to stay with her best friend (and father) Tex, who is extremely old and unwell.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Gina DiMaria

Bronze sponsor: Margaret Humphries from Tassie Dane Rescue

Sponsor Heath

Sponsor Heath

Heath – 4yo Border Collie.

He was found tied up and abandoned, thankfully DRN could rescue this very timid fellow.

He likes other dogs however is afraid of people, it takes him a long time to trust someone.

Heath requires anti-anxiety medication daily.

Our trainers, the vet, and foster carers are working patiently with him in the hope he will find a loving forever home in the distant future.

Silver sponsor: Allyson Cullen.

Bronze sponsor: Margaret Humphries from Tassie Dane Rescue.

Sponsor Honey

Sponsor Honey

Honey – 5 yo Cattle dog.

Honey and 2 siblings lived in small cages for the first 4 years of their lives.

Due to an inappropriate diet, they have ongoing feeding issues, caused by the confinement of the cage.

Honey requires patience, reassurance, and trust.  She hides when people come near her.

Honey may be available for adoption to the right person eventually.

Silver sponsor: Anonymous

Silver sponsor: Sharon Taylor

Sponsor Jacko

Sponsor Jacko

Jacko – 13 yo Terrier Mix.

Jacko was waiting for adoption for over two years along with his mate – Tinkerbelle.

Sadly, Tinkerbelle passed away.  Jack misses his best friend.

He loves to chase his tennis ball, but due to some arthritis, this must be kept to a minimum.

Jacko is available for adoption however he requires a very special home full of love, patience, and a peaceful setting.

Remember, he is now an old man with old man problems.

Silver sponsor: Stanley Family

Silver sponsor: Joy Walmsley

Silver sponsor: Unknown

Sponsor Lacy

Sponsor Lacy

Lacy – 12 yo Border Collie

Sadly, Lacy lost her leg after being hit by a car.   Our veterinary health check revealed Lacy has extensive dental disease, issues with her skin that will require severe ongoing treatment and arthritis.

Can you help this lady please?

Gold sponsor: Leanne, Lance and Timmy

Silver sponsor: Elise Lane

Sponsor Lani

Sponsor Lani

Lani – 15 yo Silky Fox Terrier.

She is a beautiful girl of a sweet and gentle nature. She likes snuggling up to you and going for a short walk.

She hates bath time but loves the after bath attention.

Lani recently underwent surgery to help extend her life, Her mammary glands were removed and she is losing eyesight.

Can you please help cover her medical costs and items such as a cooling mat/heated bed etc, they do make a difference to a mature age girl.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Silver Sponsor: Brooke Mooney

Silver sponsor: Jackie Pleash

Bronze sponsor: Leanne Knight

Sponsor Manchu

Sponsor Manchu

Manchu – 17 yo Maltese x Shih Tzu.

Manchu has become blind and almost completely deaf.

Sadly, Manchu was recently diagnosed with early stages of cancer.

Manchu has settled in well with his foster family, especially when he has not been with so many other dogs before.

Because he has no vision at all he navigates himself around the house by bumping into the walls which is a concern to me.

I’m keen to look into a device called a “halo”, this is where your sponsorship will help.

I would also like to see Manchu groomed on a regular basis, he seems very proud of himself afterward.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold Sponsor: Carol Patrick & Michael Dries

Sponsor Marley

Sponsor Marley

Marley – 7 yo Greyhound

Marley is a beautiful greyhound with a gorgeous temperament.

Marley arrived into DRN care with an injury to her right shoulder rotator cuff which caused pain and a limp.

To date, Marley has required acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and pain medication.

The treatment has been extremely costly but well worth it.

Marley also requires medication such as gabapentin & cartrophen.

Your sponsorship is very much appreciated and needed for Marley.

We are hoping Marley will one day be pain-free and be available for adoption.

Silver sponsor: Anonymous

Silver sponsor: Dianne Wheeler

Sponsor Max M

Sponsor Max M

Max M – 7 yo Terrier X Spaniel.

Max came from a dog hoarder and never experienced a kind word or gentle touch, this has left him terrified of people and the outside world.  Sadly he suffers from night terrors.

Due to his many emotional problems, he will never be able to be adopted but will stay in his foster home where he feels safe.

He cannot walk on a lead, and will not leave the yard as it is his safe zone.

Leaving the yard is too traumatizing.

He has undergone some surgical procedures such as cyst removal and patella surgery.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold Sponsor:  Julie, Raylene, Ashleigh & Rochelle

Sponsor Max T

Sponsor Max T

Max T – 17 yo Terrier X

Max has various health issues which would take pages to write up about.

Max continues to thrive, as he has done since his change of diet. It can be expensive feeding Max quality chicken but the results are well worth it.

It is hard to believe that he had little fur and bled from constantly scratching due to his allergies. I can still recall the cries at night from his sore skin.   He now only occasionally chews his feet and that is controlled with antihistamines.

Without the help of his sponsors, life would be so difficult for Max and I am sure that he would love to Thank you!

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Susan Kilham.

Gold sponsor: Annakin Family

Sponsor Mindy

Sponsor Mindy

Mindy – 10yo long haired Chihuahua x

Mindy’s story is a sad one, she found herself surrendered to Dog Rescue Newcastle after her owner passed away.

A veterinary examination revealed Mindy has many issues that we have begun to address, these include; the removal of most of her teeth, blood tests that revealed borderline anaemia,  x-rays revealing major concerns regarding her hips, patella’s that are out of their joints and painful arthritis.

As if this isn’t enough, further investigations have revealed she is going blind, has a grade 4 heart murmur and cannot undergo any surgery as she would likely pass away on the table.

Mindy now requires life long medication daily to help relieve her pain.

Further x-rays are showing us she has a plate in one of her hind legs.

This poor baby will remain in the care of DRN, costs will be high and ongoing for this girl, can you help?

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold Sponsor: Carol Patrick & Michael Dries

Bronze Sponsor: Val Doherty

Sponsor Missy B

Sponsor Missy B

Missy – 9 year old Cavoodle x Maltese

Missy had been left in a backyard, not de-sexed and totally ignored.  This has left her with trust issues.

Missy came to DRN covered in fleas and dirt causing severe skin irritation.

Her nails were very long and required a groomers expertise to shape them correctly.

She also arrived with heavily mattered hair which the groomer helped us with.

Missy has fluid in her mammary glands and arrived with cataracts in both eyes.  She will undergo surgery to save her sight with an estimated cost of over $8,000.00.

If you can sponsor this brave girl you will be making a real difference, eyesight alone is an extremely expensive surgery.

Her foster carer is ensuring her needs are being met and that she knows what the meaning of love truly is.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold Sponsor: Rhonda, Hayden, Cameron and Dexter

Gold Sponsor: Denise Morris

Silver Sponsor: Elisa Lane

Sponsor Missy K

Sponsor Missy K

Missy K – 12 yo Chihuahua X Mini Foxy.

DRN found Missy in the pound in terrible condition; starved and with an untreated injury to one of her legs.

Due to mouth infections, Missy required 16 teeth to be distracted.

The veterinary check also found she has colitis, which means she’s on a very special diet with constant close monitoring.

Missy requires urgent ongoing sponsorship as her treatment and diet is extremely expensive.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold sponsor: Annakin Family

Sponsor Misty

Sponsor Misty

Misty W – 2yo Chihuahua

Misty came to DRN with brain damage caused by neurological ataxia. Some symptoms of this disorder are;

  • Changes in the activity level.
  • Reluctance to venture out or join in any high energy activity.
  • Changes in sleep pattern.
  • Wandering around during the night.
  • Spinal pain.
  • Limb weakness.
  • Lack of coordination.
  • Unexplained changes to normal temperament.

Misty displays aggressive behaviours toward other dogs when being walked on a lead outside the comfort zone of our house.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Jorja Brown & Nathan Hamilton

Silver sponsor: Zander Davies

Sponsor Molly Mc

Sponsor Molly Mc

Molly Mc – 15yo Labrador.

She was abandoned by her owner due to her age and old girl issues with many large cysts covering her body.

Medical tests have confirmed she has Sundowners Syndrome with severe anxiety.  She has also been diagnosed with arthritis and requires daily medication for the rest of her life to help her cope.

Your sponsorship will help us pay for her medical treatment and medications.

Molly will remain in palliative care with DRN, she will not be available for adoption

Gold sponsor: Yvonne McBlane

Gold sponsor: Lynn Walker

Silver Sponsor: Christine Brown

Bronze sponsor: Tomas Muddle

Sponsor Molly S

Sponsor Molly S

Molly S – 11yo Shih Tzu X.

Molly came to DRN with a hernia, prolapsed uterus, and trouble with her ears.

She has been in foster care for over 2 years and requires frequent veterinary care.

Molly S is not a well girl, however, she is comfortable and loved.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Christine and Gary Mays

Bronze sponsor: Val Doherty

Sponsor Nanna

Sponsor Nanna

Nanna – 13 yo Mini Foxy X.

Nanna came to us after years of neglect.

Nanna’s teeth were severely rotten leading to most of them being surgically removed.

She has a hole in her upper mouth where a tooth fell out many years ago.

The hole goes into her sinus cavity so she needs special care when feeding.

Our vet tried to repair the hole but it wasn’t successful because it had been there too long.

Due to her special needs, she can’t be available for adoption so she’ll stay with her foster carer where she is very happy.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum Sponsor: Anonymous

Silver sponsor: Norma Patrick

Sponsor Oscar T

Sponsor Oscar T

Oscar – 5 yo Maltese.

Oscar is an adorable boy, he does, however, have severe behavioral issues which require special care.

It is hoped that with patience these may be resolved.

He is extremely protective of his territory/home.

Palliative care, not available for adoption at this stage.

Platinum sponsor: Caitlin MacNamara

Sponsor Pippa

Sponsor Pippa

Pippa – 10 yo Mini Fox Terrier X.

Pippa and her daughter Sally were adopted from DRN 6 years ago by a single gentleman.  Sadly he passed away.  This gentleman, Pippa and Sally were found by police one week later which meant the dogs were hungry and forced to toilet indoors.

The experience has left both these girls with anti-social behaviours, fearfulness, barking and toileting regression.  Our professional trainers are working with our volunteer carer to overcome these understandable changes and trauma they have endured.

The veterinary examination revealed Pippa needed to have six teeth extracted, this has been carried out.

Pippa and Sally must remain together, time will tell if they can ever be adopted or will need to remain in palliative care within DRN.

Silver sponsor : Stanley Family

Silver sponsor: Christine Brown

Sponsor Princess

Sponsor Princess

Princess – 11 yo Papillon X.

Princess has been diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome which requires ongoing vet care with monthly blood testing, along with expensive daily medication called Trilostane.

She also has skin and coat issues needing to be monitored closely and treated as required.

As if that’s not enough, we must regularly monitor lumps that are covering her body.

Princess has a big personality and loves to share lots of kisses.  She also LOVES water and is in it when she can be, body or foot, it doesn’t matter.

Due to her ongoing and expensive medical requirements, your sponsorship is much appreciated, no matter how big or small.

Palliative care, and not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: In memory of the beautiful Jessica Annakin

Silver sponsor: Anonymous

Bronze sponsor: TJ Mitchell

Sponsor Pudding

Sponsor Pudding

Pudding – 6-month-old Border Collie x Staffy.

This little fellow was born within DRN.  His mum was surrendered whilst pregnant.

Pudding was born a normal healthy little puppy.

Sadly he somehow contracted a bacterial infection.

Which is a one in one thousand chance of contracting and yes, he was unlucky enough to contract this.

The bacterial infection caused his spine to fuse together. As he enters his senior years it will become evident whether or not it affects his other body parts as they will need to work a little differently to the normal dog.

Pudding visited the Small Animal Specialist Hospital known as SASH for a CT Scan.

This cost is quite high, so we are asking for people like you to sponsor Pudding short term to cover this cost.

Pudding is available for adoption.

Silver sponsor: Sharyn Borg

Sponsor Rosie K

Sponsor Rosie K

Rosie K – 11.5 yo Shih Tzu.

Sadly Rosie’s needs were not being met as she had been neglected and left outside with hardly any shelter.

She has long term problems in her eyes and ears; and her little body is covered in warts, poor baby.

At the moment she is also suffering from skin allergies and is on a special diet.

So your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

At this stage, it is unknown if she will be available for adoption or remain with DRN in palliative care.

Silver sponsor: Anonymous

Sponsor Rosie L

Sponsor Rosie L

Rosie L – 17 yo Jack Russell Terrier.

She suffers from dementia, deafness and advanced cataracts.  This isn’t holding her back though!

She has huge, but brief bursts of energy and then sleeps for hours with her foster brother Jack and foster sister Charm.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Silver sponsor: Alan Patrick

Sponsor Roxy

Sponsor Roxy

Roxy – 1.5 yo American Mastiff X.

Roxy was diagnosed with a hemangiosarcoma (cancer of blood vessel cells).

We were not given a lifespan estimate due to the aggression of cancer.

She is on a special diet consisting of real meat, fish, prescription dry food, and natural remedies.

She loves treats, daily walks and socializing with the neighbors.

Her expenses are high and your sponsorship is appreciated.

She is in palliative care and is not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Alannah & Benjamin Black.

Sponsor Ruby

Sponsor Ruby

Ruby – 9yo Cattle dog.

Ruby came from a pound approximately 2 years ago.

She arrived in Newcastle in labour and subsequently had to have a hysterectomy.

One month later the vet diagnosed diabetes, she receives treatment for this at $250/month.

She is now blind and requires a special low-fat diet.

Your sponsorship for this gorgeous girl is greatly appreciated.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Carol Patrick & Michael Dries

Platinum sponsor: Gimley Family

Platinum sponsor: M & J Hill

Platinum sponsor: Val Doherty

Silver sponsor: Selena Costelloe

Sponsor Saffron

Sponsor Saffron

Saffron – 7 yo Maltese X.

Saffron was kept in a cage which has caused problems to her knees and hips, this then affects her toileting and is causing pain.

The veterinary examination also found she has a grade 2 heart murmur, abdominal lymphoma, and Cushing’s disease.

If you can sponsor Saffron it will make a difference.  Her daily treatments are extremely expensive.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Silver sponsor: Lauren Lambert

Silver sponsor: Selena Costelloe

Sponsor Sally

Sponsor Sally

Sally – 9 yo Chihuahua x Mini Fox Terrier.

This mum and daughter team were adopted from DRN 6 years ago.  Sadly their owner passed away and they were found by police after a week of living in the home without food and attention.  This has been traumatic for both Sally and Pippa which has affected them.

Our professional trainers are working with our DRN carer and these two little ladies to help them overcome their anti-social behaviours and fears.  We also believe being forcibly removed from their home by police has only added to their confusion and stress.

The vet also needed to extract four teeth from Sally’s mouth which only added to her stress.

Sally and Pippa must remain together.  Time will tell if they can ever be adopted or will need to remain in palliative care within DRN.

Silver sponsor: Stanley Family

Silver sponsor: Christine Brown

Sponsor Samson

Sponsor Samson

Samson 17 Year old Mini poodle

Samson came into the care of DRN after his owner realised Samsons needs were not being met and his health issues were plentiful and going to be quite expensive.

Some of Samsons health issues include;

He is almost blind, the vet said there is nothing that can be done to restore his sight which was devastating news.

He is partially deaf and in time he will more than likely become completely deaf.  The infection in his ears is causing pain and muffles his hearing that little bit more as well as treatment has begun to clear this up.

He has a heart murmur that I would like to investigate further.  This also means any surgical procedures become more worrisome, mixed with his age it becomes even worse.

Samson also has badly decayed teeth which urgently require dental extractions. A very costly procedure however a very necessary one.

Samson will be available for adoption to the right person(s) once his medical issues are all sorted.

Silver Sponsor – Izabell Davies

Sponsor Scotty

Sponsor Scotty

Scotty – 13 yo Terrier.

Scotty is a beautiful boy that gets along well with all of his little foster brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, Scotty has many ailments.

Scotty cannot bare to have his feet touched, he cries so loudly that the neighbours sometimes hear him.  We found his right front dew claws need treating every five weeks as they grow into his foot causing pain.

When excessively hot or cold Scotty’s mobility is affected by the weather.

During the heat of summer, he found comfort sleeping on the cool floorboards, on cold days he sleeps in his bed.

I will look into a heated bed and cooling mat using his sponsorship.  He also requires medication every second day for leg pain caused by luxating patella’s.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold sponsor: Annakin Family

Sponsor Shandy

Sponsor Shandy

Shandy – 11 yo Foxy X.

When Shandy came into care, she was extremely timid and anxious with uncontrollable trembling caused by fear, neglect, and mistreatment.  Love, time and patience is winning her over.

A veterinary examination found Shandy required necessary surgery.

Severe dental work was carried out leaving her with only one tooth.

Sadly, Shandy has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which requires ongoing medication and observation for life.

Your sponsorship will truly help this little girl.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Silver sponsor: Lisa Musgrove

Sponsor Taj

Sponsor Taj

Taj – 6yo Border Collie.

Sadly, Taj came to DRN with brain damage.

He is a very happy loving feller who gets on well with all of his foster buddies, however, he is not confident on a lead and refuses to go for a walk.

His main difficulty is a balance problem and he doesn’t seem to have full control of his back legs.

One step forward, two steps back and one step sideways.  A bit like he’s doing the time warp in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Taj has hip/spinal problems and is unable to walk on smooth floor surfaces such as tiled area’s.

To overcome this he sits on a doona where his foster carers children drag him around the house – which he loves.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Taj requires regular medication three times a week.  He lacks self confidence as he has been found to be visually impaired during the day and blind at night.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Gold sponsor: Carol Patrick & Michael Dries

Bronze sponsor: Margaret Humphries – Tassie Dane Rescue

Sponsor Tex

Sponsor Tex

Tex – 16 yo Labrador.

Texas (Tex to his friends) has several health issues and was diagnosed

with terminal bladder, testicular, perianal and further inside cancers.

He is on a comfort plan with ongoing medication.

His eyesight and hearing are deteriorating, but he is an old boy.

Tex is in palliative care with his daughter who is also his best friend, Girlie.

He has become incontinent so requires daily cleaning up.

He walks a little slower now, but still enjoys life and sniffing new scents.

Your sponsorship will truly make a difference to help this old man out.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Gina DiMaria.

Sponsor Zoe

Sponsor Zoe

Zoe – 8 yo Maltese X

Zoe came into care after the passing of her elderly parents.

Her special needs meant that she required special care and was brought to DRN.

Eating is extremely difficult for Zoe, as she was born with a severe cleft palate, meaning that food can get caught and she has a high risk of infection and choking.

She is quirky and grumpy with cat-like mannerisms and a behavioural attitude.

Palliative care, not available for adoption.

Platinum sponsor: Leanne, Lance & Timmy