Dog Rescue Newcastle is a group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue of abandoned, neglected or abused companion animals. We rescue dogs and cats from death row at local pounds and put them into loving foster homes until we can find permanent homes for them.

We are self-funded and rely solely upon animal loving people like you to help where they can.
Please learn how you can volunteer, become a foster carer or help in many other ways

We're All Waiting for You

We're all waiting for you to adopt

We have more than 90 dogs and puppies available for adoption. We have baby puppies to seniors, small breeds to giant breeds, mixed breeds and purebreds. Whatever dog you had in mind we probably have. If you don't see the dog of your dreams on our website today, check again tomorrow because we add more every day.

If you're not looking to add a new dog to your family you can help us in many other ways.

There are all types of dogs available for adoption

Get 10% Discount on Pet Insurance and help DRN

Worried about vet bills? Have you been considering pet insurance? You can get a 10% discount off Petsecure pet insurance and support Dog Rescue Newcastle when you quote promo code RESC14 when your insure your pet.

Being a responsible pet owner means taking care of all our pet’s needs; and most importantly, their health.   You can now have the security of knowing that your vet bills can be taken of, so you can give your dog the care he deserves throughout his life. Chronic conditions are covered, and there’s no excess to pay.

Visit for more information. Ring 1300 855 160 for more info, get a quote, or sign up. If you order by phone you get a FREE custom engraved designer pet tag. So call 1300 855 160 to get your pet covered. Remember to quote promo code RESC14 to get your 10% discount.

Thank you for supporting Dog Rescue Newcastle!

Help DRN and Enjoy Some Great WineDRN Wine Label

Would you like to help the dogs of DRN? We have teamed with Goodwill Wines to offer 14 different varieties of DRN labelled wine with profits helping us to pay our vet bills. At $13.00 a bottle or $156 for a case, it is extremely reasonable. So with spring in the air and summer just around the corner, why not purchase some of these fine wines and feel good about helping our beautiful hounds. Click here to order.

Visit our Help Us page for other shopping options and ways to help our dogs and shop for our cause.

Hoard of Hounds - A true DRN rescue story

Once upon a time, in a land not as far away as we would like (the Central Coast, NSW), there was an Evil Old Man who lived on a great vast estate.  Not many of the townsfolk knew, but on his estate the Evil Old Man kept hounds.  Lots of hounds.   From two week old puppies to arthritic, tumour-ridden, blind old hounds.  Twenty hounds in all. If travellers accidentally crossed the Evil Old Man’s land, he told them that these hounds were his family.  That he loved his hounds.  That he lived for his hounds.Little Brown with mange

Sadly though, this was not the case.  How could it be?  These hounds the Evil Old Man kept were in terrible condition; they were starving, covered in fleas, infested with hook worm, undesexed, not micro-chipped, rotten teeth, blind, deaf, covered in mange, mammary lumps and croaky barks that the Kindly Animal Doctor later commented that the barks can only be caused from years of neglect. These hounds had never had vet care. Sometimes these hounds lived in cages. Sometimes these hounds did get fresh water, but mostly it was dirty old tank water. Sometimes these hounds got food, but only the youngest and fittest got to eat, leaving the older hounds to starve.

The years of neglect were starting to take their toll on the hounds and the Evil Old Man was getting tired of their crying and fighting and dying.

... continue reading this true fairy tale ...



Our vet bills are thousands of dollars each month so we always need funds to meet this expense. Any contribution you can make, large or small, will be very much appreciated.
Donations are tax deductible!
There are 4 ways to donate:

(1) Use PayPal to donate securely online using your credit card or bank account. You don't need to have a PayPal account. Just click on the Donate button below:

(2) Make a deposit to our Newcastle Permanent bank account at any branch or use internet banking to to do an online funds transfer to: BSB: 650 000       Account: 986245302
     (please include "donation" as a reference and send us an email so we know who to thank)

(3) Mail a cheque written to "Dog Rescue Newcastle" to P. O. Box 7061, Redhead NSW 2290.

(4) Make a regular, monthly donation. Instructions on our Help Us page.

There are also many ways you can help which don't involve money. Please read our Help Us page for suggestions.

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